Road bitumens

Bituminous aggregate for roads

The bitumen produced by SIBA is used by many companies specialising in the production of bituminous aggregate; SIBA, in fact, active in the aggregate bitumen sector since 1946, provides customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Bituminous aggregate is a compound formed by the mixture of a number of aggregates such as sand, crushed stone and filler, mixed with bitumen (in our case Sibit) that acts as a binder.

Thanks to the innovative production plants, SIBA is able to produce various types of road bitumen; moreover, particular attention to environmental protection has led SIBA to pay utmost attention to compliance with all the environmental sustainability criteria during the production process, thanks to the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification obtained, among the first in Italy, in 2000.

SIBA produces an excellent bitumen for aggregates, which guarantees the absence of problems for companies that will use it in the construction and laying of road surfaces.

When laying bituminous aggregates it is necessary to take temperature into account: the mixture is kept at a constant temperature, which is neither too high (the binding properties of the bitumen will be compromised) nor too low (there would be adverse effects on the final solidity of the road).

In order to always have optimal solidity, bituminous aggregates consist of two different layers: the outer wear layer, subject to contact with cars and designed to provide adhesion, waterproofing and shock absorption; the link layer between the substrate and the outer layer, with the task of transmitting the vertical load without deforming the road surface.

SIBA among the various types of bitumens for bituminous aggregates, also produces those for coloured asphalt, a product which is becoming increasingly popular.

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