Bituminous primers and paints

Bituminous primers and paints

Bituminous primers and black bituminous paints produced with oxidised bitumens and selected pure solvents.
Black bituminous paints are used to anchor bituminous membranes, coat pipes, protect concrete and metal structures; they can also be applied on wet surfaces. Suitable for anchoring “hot” applied bituminous coatings on metal surfaces (oil and gas pipelines, aqueducts, etc.).

Bituminous primers and paints used for waterproofing and protection of cement and fibre cement artefacts and metal surfaces.

They are also suitable for sealing the porosity of concrete substrates as well as for preparing a valid binding primer for multiple bituminous waterproofing coats and bituminous membranes.

The bituminous paints produced by SIBA are single component paints developed using a slow and precise process designed by our technicians in our research laboratories. They have low viscosity in order to permit easy application while at the same time forming a waterproof and weather and corrosion resistant film.

The bituminous primer is a solution designed by SIBA with special solvents that ensure low viscosity combined with high coverage and protection; it comes in liquid form and matt black colour.


The SIBAPRIMER series consists of the bituminous black paint range used especially in industrial environments, they can be applied on both clean and dry, as well as damp surfaces, especially those in metal.

Sibaprimer 80 SRP

Sibaprimer 80 SRP is made from polymerised bitumens and its main use is in sealing the porosity of concrete products; it can be applied on clean, dry surfaces and using rollers or brushes.

BITOX series

The BITOX series consists of black paints made from oxidised bitumens with different grades compared to Sibaprimer; these products are used to protect metal and concrete structures and are applied “hot” using brushes or rollers.

The bituminous primers provided by SIBA meet the company’s quality standards, as do the bituminous paints, thanks to the experience and the competence of the technical staff.

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