Cold bitumen

Cold bitumen

SIBA offers its customers cold bitumen, the ideal product to repair damaged portions of asphalt on small and local roads. Cold bitumens are sold in special bags according to the quantity requested by the customer.

SIBA cold bitumen is characterised by a high degree of penetration so as to bind with a series of granite or basalt aggregates, resins and other additives; the product does not need to be mixed before use and can be used on holes more than 1 cm deep.

Cold asphalting is one of the methods most used to create the road surface, in particular for repairing small sections of a road as a result of cracks or deterioration of the previous asphalt.


As regards laying, if the area has a concrete or floating gravel substrate, it is recommended to use a liquid bitumen to ensure that the cold bitumen binds better. The bitumen is then inserted in the hole and, by means of a rake, spread uniformly over the entire area and finally pressed using a roller, so as to be level with the surrounding surface.

A variant of cold bitumen is the liquid version, much quicker and easier to use than the traditional version and increasingly used in limited areas, such as unpaved roads and those subject to constant weathering (rain, ice).

SIBA, thanks to the technical skills and professionalism of its staff, provides cold bitumen in quality bags.

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