Waterproofing products

Waterproofing products

In the field of protective membranes, SIBA produces waterproofing bitumens to be used together with bituminous membranes, mainly in the building and industrial sectors.

Thanks to the precise production process, the waterproofing products acquire suitable properties to be used and ensure the best possible performance.

The characteristics of bituminous waterproofing products include high elasticity, high resistance to stagnant water, UV rays and other weather elements (frost, rain, etc.); they are also very versatile and easy to apply.

Suitable for the implementation of continuous elastic membranes without joints, repairs over old degraded waterproofing, insulation panel fixing, protection of foundation walls, canals, dams, tanks, cement and metal structures.
Suitable for waterproofing inclined, curved or flat roofs, the waterproofing products can be liquid or in paste form (SIBAGEL-KOVER BIT). SIBA’s products include:


Sibagel is a water dispersion of gelatinous bitumen with plastic and waterproofing properties, capable of preserving itself over time; it is mainly used in agricultural installations, industrial, building and marine systems for waterproofing concrete, metal wood and brick surfaces.

Sibelasto EC

Sibelasto EC is an elastic and waterproofing gel made with polymer modified and stabilising bitumens, ideal for rough and slightly wet surfaces; its use is mainly in underground places such as basements, but also in high-humidity places such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Fixogel WB

Fixogel WB is one of the bituminous water dispersion gel waterproofing products, with excellent adhesive and elastic properties. Product drying takes place after evaporation of the water and allows a lasting effect on surfaces; it is used to fix polystyrene panels on concrete surfaces.

Multiflex 20 MD-F

Multiflex 20 MD-F is a compound made with the most sophisticated production techniques, which provide it with excellent properties of flexibility to cold and expansion to rupture; its characteristics provide the best results in the protection of road and industrial constructions, especially in areas with cold climates.


SIBA makes waterproofing products which can be applied in various sectors and provides assistance during the purchasing process thanks to its highly competent and qualified staff.

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