Bituminous sealants and mastics

Bituminous sealants and mastics

The SIBA product range also includes

  • bituminous sealants
  • bituminous mastics

made using the latest manufacturing techniques in order to always offer the best results.

Bituminous sealants and mastics are particularly suitable for the implementation of viscoelastic road joints, bridges, viaducts, prefabricated roofs, concrete and stone paving; the ranges available are ELOBIT-SIBASEAL–HELAX.

SIBA offers:

Ekoseal E4

Ekoseal E4 is an advanced compound, made starting from polymerised bitumens. This bituminous sealant acquires elastic properties and strong resistance; it has excellent adhesion to various surfaces (wood, brick, concrete, etc.) and is recommended in the “cold” application of a bituminous membrane; the application must be done using a spatula and on dry surfaces, at a temperature above 5°C.

Elobit FL 85 SD 30

Elobit FL 85 SD 30 is an asphalt bitumen with certain resistance and elasticity properties, which make it particularly suitable for use on wet surfaces; the bituminous mastic must be heated prior to application, but must not exceed 200°C, otherwise there is a degradation of its properties; product adherence is also possible on metals, provided that they are dry.

Helax 15 KTF

Helax 15 KTF is an elastic and very durable asphalt bitumen, used especially on the joints of dams, viaducts and motorways; its application takes place, after heating it to a temperature of between 180/290°C, on dry and clean surfaces.


Multiseal is an advanced single component thixotropic adhesive with superior performance characteristics, in which the compound consists of polymerised bitumens, thermoplastic rubber, inert materials and solvents. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, fibre cement, wood and metals in general; to be applied cold with the aid of a spatula.


The bituminous sealant provided by SIBA complies with the company’s high quality standards, achieved thanks to the extensive experience of our technicians in the bituminous sealant and mastic sector.

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