Industrial bitumens

Industrial bitumens

SIBA produces different types of industrial bitumens, used by customer companies in various sectors; through special processes, SIBA is able to produce industrial bitumens with excellent performance.

As often happens, industrial bitumen is confused with tar: both are used for insulating coatings (also for roofs) but have different properties; tar is more concentrated than bitumen but of lower quality and with thermal instability lower than that of its components.

Industrial bitumens must contain components with the same chemical compatibility as the polymer: otherwise, the bitumen-polymer compound would become too soluble; the bitumen must be in an intermediate and stable state and be capable of not excessively dispersing the polymer.

Among the various uses of industrial bitumen is that for coating pipes, especially those made of steel: the external bituminous coating is among the most traditional methods for protecting pipes against corrosion, due to both its affordability and durability.

The implementation of the bituminous coating takes place in accordance with legislation for the selection and processing of raw materials and is subject to strict controls to test its thickness and adherence; the final procedure is to protect the coating by means of milk of lime both during storage as well as against the action of UV rays.

SIBA is a highly competent company in the field of industrial bitumens, able to assist its customers in every aspect.

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